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KITENDO: Sage Green Woven Storage Basket Large

The Basket Room
17.000 KD
Out Of Stock
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Bring soft, sapling green hues and natural woven texture to your interiors with our lush KITENDO baskets, which come in two different sizes. Hand woven from sustainably sourced sisal grass by a hardworking craftswoman working within a small weaving group in rural Kenya, these woven baskets make delightful home storage and can be used all over the home as desk tidies and planters, on bedside tables and coffee tables - or for knitting, crafting, toys, muslins or toiletries.

The weavers behind these green storage baskets used to have to make the long journey to Nairobi to sell their work, but The Basket Room now brings them regular weaving work which can be done from the safety and convenience of their own homes. Finished baskets are kept in purpose-built mud huts before being shipped to us in the UK. As global demand for woven homewares ever increases, this wonderful group of artisans continues to grow under the guidance of its bold Chairlady, Madam Dorcas Ndinda.

Your orders keep her 150 weavers in regular work, and able to provide for their own families more comfortably through this flexible, portable and sociable craft.

-Note: For illustrative purposes only, items may appear similar, but their colors and patterns may vary.

  • Handmade in Kenya
  • Dimensions: 27-29cm (d) x 27-29cm (h)
  • Weight: 625gm
  • Product Code: TCS327997


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