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Geometric Circle Tray - Yellow

Nada Debs
140.500 KD
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The imaginative use of the transecting space between two different shapes, reveals quite the character in a home accessory that could be used for serving or décor.

The combined usage of plastic laminate and tin inlay over American walnut wood leave an impression that is both, artistic and playful. Trays merging shapes. Detail in wood, plastic laminate and tin inlay.

  • اللون: أصفر
  • الجوز الأمريكي
  • طبقة بلاستيكية
  • تشطيب مطفي
  • الأبعاد: 54 سم (عرض) × 2.2 سم (ارتفاع) × 32.6 سم (عمق)
  • الوزن: 1.2 كجم
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    • Product Code: TCS328408


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