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KUZUIA: Fluoro Pink and Natural Woven Storage Basket Medium

The Basket Room
11.000 KD
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Bold neon pink patterning pops against a natural and white base in the KUZUIA collection of striped baskets, hand woven in Kenya and made in three different sizes. Use our smaller baskets as funky planters or as bright and stylish desk tidies for all your pens and pencils.

Our larger designs make fabulous storage baskets for use all over the home - from the bathroom and the kitchen to the living room and the playroom. For more basket inspiration, see our uses page HERE. The women who produce these KUZUIA striped baskets have woven from a young age, since this wonderful, income-generating craft is traditionally passed down along the female line in Kenya. The women weave within a small but ever-growing cooperative led by the inspirational Madam Dorcas as Chairlady. These weavers used to have to travel to Nairobi to sell their woven baskets but these days The Basket Room keeps them busy with regular and fairly-paid orders, and baskets are stored in purpose-built, mud store rooms.

Basket weaving takes place largely during the dry seasons, since most of the weavers in this cooperative are subsistence farmers who use basket weaving as an alternative means of income when crop production dwindles. To own one of our woven baskets is to support our journey: empowering women to support their families through flexible, dignified and fairly paid work. Each woven basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative who made yours.

- Note: For illustrative purposes only, items may appear similar, but their colors and patterns may vary.

  • Handmade in Kenya
  • Dimensions: 20-23cm (d) x 20-23cm (h)
  • Weight: 450gm
  • Product Code: TCS327988


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