Moon Paradise
Moon Paradise
Moon Paradise
Moon Paradise
Moon Paradise

Moon Paradise

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For centuries the moon had been synonymous with mystery, an unknown. But over the years, mankind has studied this brilliant satellite and even managed to venture there. Mystery became discovery, which then became possibility. Earth’s moon is a constant—universal to every human, both past and present. A rare, unifying phenomenon. It transcends languages, continents and fields of study. But perhaps, most commonly, it is a source of inspiration. The moon’s influence is not contained in scientific inquiry, but can be found in fashion, art, architecture and film.

A stunning curation of images revolving around all things moon, from fashion to space travel, is presented alongside a text, by space journalist and TV host Sarah Cruddas, which examines the moon as a scientific and cultural symbol. The moon is more than just a natural satellite—it is a beacon of hope, a pinnacle to strive for.

Authored by Sarah Cruddas, this compelling work spans 294 pages, embellished with over 200 illustrations. Its release in June 2022 invites readers into its narrative, conveyed in the universal language of English. Clad in a metallic silk hardcover, the book exudes a sense of modernity and elegance. With dimensions measuring 9.72 inches in width, 13 inches in length, and 1.46 inches in depth, it offers a sleek and compact form for easy handling and storage. Whether delving into its pages for leisure or enlightenment, this book promises an immersive journey through its captivating content.

  • Page count: 294 pages
  • Number of illustrations; Over 200
  • Language: English
  • Released on: June 2022
  • Dimensions: W 9.72 x l 13 x d 1.46 in
  • Cover Materials: Metallic silk hardcover
  • Author: Sarah Cruddas
  • Product Code: TCS338162


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