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Untitled 1975 Cushion Cover

Jules Pansu
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Microfiber Vacuum Packed Filling Cushion - 41 x 64

Jules Pansu

Microfiber Vacuum Packed Filling Cushion - 41 x 64

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Jules Pansu has been designing and producing lines of textil goods for interior design since 1878. Jules Pansu introduced a line of home accessories in 1994. These accessories were made at their Flanders mill by the "Best Craftmen in France," or Mériteurs Ouvriers de France, who continue the tradition of weaving on jacquard looms.

The cushion cover Untitled 1975, is a reproduction of Joan Miro's painting. This beautiful cushion will give elegance, modernity and an artistic touch to your interior. This product is woven using the jacquard technique in their workshop Les Tissages de la Lys located in Halluin, France.

التعاون: جوان ميرو

النسيج: نسج جاكارد - وسادة قابلة للإزالة - بطانة خلفية من القطن بنسبة 100٪

التركيبات: 95٪ قطن - 5٪ بوليستر

تعليمات الرعاية: التنظيف الجاف

صنع في فرنسا

الوزن: 300 جرام

  • Product Code: TCS327889


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