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Ceramic Round Serving Dish With Yellow Wheat Motifs

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More about Ceramic Round Serving Dish With Yellow Wheat Motifs

A handmade and hand-crafted piece from Bkerzay in the Shouf Mountains of Lebanon. Each piece is lovingly crafted with its own character and charm by skilled artisan.

This piece was fired at a temperature over a 100 degrees celcius resulting in strength, water resistance and durability. Suitable for salads, rice and a variety of dishes. This handmade ceramic dish brings a touch of artistry to the dining table, whether used for everyday meals or showcased as decorative. Handmade products are created by humans. They are unique, just like fingerprints, and will endure a lifetime. This makes them incredibly valuable to the individual who receives them. Handcrafted products frequently have an intended design, making them much more special to receivers when given as a present.

Ceramic Round Serving Dish With Yellow Wheat Motifs specifications

  • The outer side of the dish is covered with Spanish white clay with glazing
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Any item you buy is one of a kind, no two items from Bkerzay are exactly the same
  • Dimensions: 50cm - 53cm (d)
  • Weight: 2.96kg
  • Product Code: TCS325806


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