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Ceramic Round Serving Salad Bowl With Yellow Fish Motifs

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More about Ceramic Round Serving Salad Bowl With Yellow Fish Motifs

A handmade and hand-crafted piece from Bkerzay in the Shouf Mountains of Lebanon. Each piece is lovingly crafted with its own character and charm by skilled artisan.

This piece was fired at a temperature over a 100 degrees celcius resulting in strength, water resistance and durability. This handmade ceramic deep bowl is a versatile and captivating object that seamlessly blends the practical with the aesthetic. whether holding a vibrant salad, fruits, or simply standing on its own as a piece of art. Handmade products are created by humans. They are unique, just like fingerprints, and will endure a lifetime. This makes them incredibly valuable to the individual who receives them. Handcrafted products frequently have an intended design, making them much more special to receivers when given as a present.

Ceramic Round Serving Salad Bowl With Yellow Fish Motifs specifications

  • The outer side of the bowl is covered with Spanish white clay with glazing
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Any item you buy is one of a kind, no two items from Bkerzay are exactly the same
  • Dimensions: 16cm (h) x 26cm (d)
  • Weight: 3.7kg
  • Product Code: TCS325783


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