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GN4 Table

Gareth Neal for TCS
2,469.000 KD
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Matthew Hilton for TCS

Delta Chair - Black Leather

303.000 KD
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Magnus Long for TCS

Cross Leg Side Chair - Boucle: Noisette

363.000 KD
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  • Overview

  • Specification

Designed for The Conran Shop by the award-winning East London design and craft studio, Gareth Neal presents the breathtaking GN4 Table as part of the new GN series.

Made entirely in Portugal, the GN4 is offered in either American walnut or a bespoke, black-stained European oak finish, with a striking oak tabletop crowning this future classic. The exceptional design embodies our mutual passion for the finest artisanship and is built to last a lifetime.

Uniting traditional and digital techniques, Gareth Neal is a collaborative design studio offering high-end craftsmanship that stretches beyond learnt techniques to innovate. The studio is led by hands-on makers who prioritise process, enriching the finished product's narrative and testing the limits of craft. Working closely with fine craftspeople in the UK and Europe, Gareth Neal produce work in various mediums, from wood, resin and Jesmonite to wicker and raw sand.

Important Information

Find out how to care for your solid wood furniture here.

As per our Terms & Conditions, before placing your order it is important to ensure that this chair fits your desired space and is of a size that can be delivered into your home and so you must conduct your own access check prior to ordering this item. Review our Furniture Access Check on how to complete this, using the additional information below:

Weight 55kg, packaged dimensions 248cm x 98cm x 24cm, packaged weight 57kg

  • Designed in East London for The Conran Shop

  • Crafted in Portugal with either American walnut or European oak

  • With space for up to eight diners

  • Seats 6-8 people

  • Product Code: TCS224604


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