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Medium Pieces of Time - Ammi

Style Jieum
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More about Medium Pieces of Time - Ammi

Made with beautiful preserved flowers, fruits and plants selected for each season. The perfect decorative piece for any anthophile, Style Jieum's Pieces of Time Ammi preserved in an exquisite glass vessel.

Ami, which has white flowers that explode like firecrackers, has two beautiful flower languages: 'news of love' and 'elegant gesture'.

Ami is a flower that reminds us of summer, blooming from the time the early summer wind blows until fall.

Crafted in South Korea, each plant or flower specimen is captured in a domed glass vessel, preserving its intricate beauty in herbarium solution and creating a unique display piece.

Working with plants and flowers selected by season, the brand's mission is to bring nature to your home. Beautiful to observe, the stylish sculptural piece can also be used as a paperweight.

Medium Pieces of Time - Ammi specifications

  • Designed by Style Jieum.
  • Handmade by Style Jieum in Republic of Korea.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heated places for safety.
  • Weight: 470gm.
  • Dimensions: Ø69 x h130.
  • Product Code: TCS331094


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