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Mono Bowl

TCS Studio
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  • Overview

  • Specification

An abstract brushstroke decorates the base of this flat bottom bowl which has been handcrafted from Cape clay in South Africa.

Our Mono Dinnerware collection features the raw shapes and handcrafted motifs found throughout our Natures Shadow collection, in a striking monochrome colour palette.

Handmade from Cape clay in South Africa our Mono Bowl is characterised by a flat bottom and high straight sides giving it a modern, informal look. Adding to its organic feel, the inside of the bowl is decorated with a thick brushstroke which runs around the centre of the base and back up the side in an imperfect black line emulating the natural textures and patterns which inspired the piece.

With abstract decoration in a monochrome palette this piece works well as an dinner, fruit, or serving bowl for shared dishes and is designed to be layered with any of our dinnerware ranges as well as the rest of our Mono collection. 

  • Handcrafted in South Africa.
  • Made from Cape clay.
  • Organic abstract design.
  • Modern shape.
  • Dimensions: 8cm
  • Weight: 450gm
  • Product Code: TCS311863


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