Sahara Bamboo Lantern - Medium

Sahara Bamboo Lantern - Medium

Broste Copenhagen
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More about Sahara Bamboo Lantern - Medium

Since the 1950s, Broste Copenhagen has been crafting a unique blend of traditional Nordic elements and ever-changing contemporary design. With Broste Copenhagen's Sahara bamboo lantern, you can create a warm glow in your home.

Light up your garden or terrace with the Broste Copenhagen Sahara bamboo lantern, which adds natural touches to the surrounding area while also providing comfort with a burning candle. The lantern is comprised of fine bamboo sticks arranged in a bulbous shape. In the center, there is a glass cylinder that can hold a candle. The Sahara bamboo lantern is portable, thanks to a grip on the upper opening. The lantern comes in a variety of sizes and can also be combined.


1.These lanterns can be used outdoors, but should not be left out in inclement weather.

2.These lanterns are made in Denmark from the natural bamboo while the candle holder is made from glass and it weights 1kg.

Sahara Bamboo Lantern - Medium specifications

  • Material: Glass/Bamboo
  • Color: Natural
  • Made in Denmark
  • Dimensions: 33cm (h) x 39 (Ø) - Candle Size: 10cm x 25cm
  • Weight:1kg
  • Product Code: TCS331290


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