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Squiggle Vase in Cream & Black

TCS Studio
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New for the spring-summer season, this Squiggle Vase is created in collaboration with South African artisans, only available at The Conran Shop.

Innovatively crafted from paper mache in Eswatini, each decorative vase uses recycled magazines and newspapers, decorated with a modern motif.

The timeless process of papier-mâché involves pasting many layers of paper together to create a hardened wall, a simple yet time-consuming practice that ensures each piece uses minimal energy and utilises waste.

Care instructions: Cannot be used with water; please do not get this decorative vase wet.

  • Crafted by hand in Eswatini.
  • Uses the art of paper mache.
  • A collection of five Conran Shop exclusive pieces for SS23.
  • Dimensions: 30cm (h) x 24cm (w).
  • Weight: 100gm.
  • Product Code: TCS269149


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